Crystal Method/Various Community Service 2

Being a fan of the first one, it’s nice to see the Crystal Methodists back again with a sequel to their Community Service breaks DJ mix from a few years back. Starting, after a quick intro, with a remix by Elite Force of PMT’s still-excellent "Gyromancer,” this continues with strong tracks by Elite Force and Hyper before crashing into a ditch with the Crystal Method remix of the Doors’ "Roadhouse Blues.” That’s something that repeats itself elsewhere on this disc, as the tracks by the mixers themselves are in general the weakest, with the exception of their take on "Bizarre Love Triangle,” which couldn’t help but be good. In any event, they have the good sense to surround themselves with quality. Evil 9 save the day, and hearing UNKLE and Ian Brown’s "Reign” mixed with what sounds like a snippet of a track from Sasha’s album is a treat. Things might end on a sour note with a not-so-impressive remix of the Smashing Pumpkins’ "1979,” but still there’s enough quality here to warrant a listen. (Ultra)