Crystal Castles Plot "Bleak" New LP

Crystal Castles Plot 'Bleak' New LP
We haven't heard much from Crystal Castles as of late, since the douchebag level six electro duo haven't given us new material since that excellent Robert Smith collaboration "Not in Love" in 2010. Well, that's about to change, as the band will soon be recording their new album with sights set on a summer release.

Speaking with NME [via Prefix/Beats Per Minute], producer Ethan Kath said that he and singer Alice Glass will be holing up in Croatia next month to record.

"We played there earlier this year and thought it was a good place to escape and seclude ourselves," Kath said of the remote recording locale. "A good place where we can cut off from everything."

So what does the new material sound like? Evidently it won't be too much of a departure from 2010's self-titled album, as Kath noted that the new songs contain "elements from the second album that we'll want to carry on."

He observed, "Every song we write feels bleak to me. I don't get it when people think it's beautiful. I think it [bleakness] is the only emotion we do. We don't want to do anything else."

He will once again be self-producing the as-yet-untitled collection.

Stay tuned for updates from the band, and read the whole NME article over at the Crystal Castles message board.