Cryptopsy Ungentle Exhumation

Ungentle Exhumation was Cryptopsy's four-song demo release from 1993, now seeing the light of day as an official release care of Galy Records. Although the songs all ended up on Cryptopsy's albums (three on their first, one on their fourth), this is still a worthy addition to any true grindcore fan's collection. The highlight is the non-triggered drum sound, showing how excellent Flo Mounier really is, and that he need not use electronics to keep up with the rest of the technical wizardry the other fellows employ in their playing. Startling, really, how good this band was from the get-go; this EP isn't a look back at what shaped the beast that is Cryptopsy, it's evidence that they hit the ground ready to totally annihilate anyone in sight. Their unique grinding death assault was already perfected upon the original release of Ungentle Exhumation; over time they merely refined and furthered the mayhem to impossible levels. (Galy)