Cryptopsy None So Live

Live albums are never anything to lose much sleep over, and while any material from Cryptopsy is always welcomed and anticipated, None So Live isn't worth laying down too much money for. It does prove a few points though, first and foremost being that these guys can pull this stuff off live, no problem. Incredible really, given the technical flourishes and pure speed this band injects into all their ravenous death metal. Second point of interest here is the inclusion of a drum solo by Flo Mounier, who is easily one of metal's best drummers. Guess what? It's a pretty boring solo for such a drum wizard, which just proves that drum solos are almost always damn silly. Finally, None So Live marks the recording debut of new vocalist Martin Lacroix, a moment legions of Cryptopsy fans have been anxiously awaiting. Lacroix does an adequate job, although he lacks the personality and originality that both previous Cryptopsy barkers have had, merely growling and cookie monster-ing his way through the 11 songs. Save your cash for the next brilliant studio opus. (Century Media)