Crowbar Give Catalogue Official Reissue Treatment

BY Keith CarmanPublished May 22, 2009

Crowbar - the Louisiana-based sludge monsters, not the old-school Canadian rock band - have announced that their entire back catalogue is about to see the light of day once more. That's nine albums spanning 1991 to 2005, if all goes correctly, not to mention one hell of a foundation-crumbling bunch of girthy metal.

Yes, this has happened before. There have been a long succession of unauthorized releases, as well as European label Metal Mind Productions' reissues of Crowbar, Time Heals Nothing and the Live+1 EP on gold discs and in limited edition digipack cases, circa April 2008. But those don't mean a thing 'cause they ain't got the swing of these forthcoming versions.

As guitarist/vocalist Kirk Windstein relates in his official press release, "Crowbar will be re-releasing the majority of the back catalogue through Housecore Records [Down/ex-Pantera singer Philip Anselmo's imprint]. These releases will be the ONLY official re-releases that myself and the band have agreed to."

As any self-respecting metal fan knows, Anselmo may have a hard time keeping his foot out of his mouth and his butt out of controversy, having made a number of shocking statements in the past, but he knows his metal and will surely treat these releases with respect. As for the slew of bootleg Crowbar material skulking about Windstein advises against their purchase.

"There are countless unauthorized re-releases out there. These were never okayed by me and are basically screwing the band. Most of these will be released on vinyl for the first time. We will also be putting out a limited-edition box set, as well as a new live record and a CD of new material. Please check Housecore Records for frequent updates."

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