Critical Madness Finding the Plot

It’s been almost a year since Critical Madness dropped the first single from their upcoming debut album, Bringing Out The Dead, and they’re only now hitting the next stage of building the hype with a pre-album mix tape. Finding the Plot includes "1st Amendment,” the A-side to the single featuring Non-Phixion's Sabac Red, as well as B-side track "Dropped,” which has been remixed by Ozone into a massive posse cut. There’s also the Madness solo track "Attitude,” highlighted for being featured on In Living Color’s season five DVD. cRITICAL also gets a solo track with his X-rated "Confessionz of a Gigolo.” The Orlando, FL, duo excel at braggadocio punch lines that dabble a little in acid rap, while collaborative producer Tempermental supplies the gritty, underground New York boom-bap. This is perfect for fans of Non Phixion, Necro and the rest of the Uncle Howie/Psycho+Logical family, only perhaps, not as offensive. (Deadbeat)