Crime in Stereo Break Up

BY Jason SchreursPublished Aug 10, 2010

Long Island, NY melodic hardcore heroes Crime in Stereo have announced that they are throwing in the towel. The band posted the blunt message "Crime in Stereo Is Dead (2002-2010)" on their MySpace, Facebook and Twitter accounts yesterday (August 9). A band representative has also confirmed the split, according to Alternative Press, but reasons for the breakup are still unknown.

Crime in Stereo became a prominent name in the melodic hardcore world after putting out heralded albums on Nitro and Blackout! They later signed to Bridge Nine Records for their last two releases. Their latest, and what will probably be their final studio album, was this year's I Was Trying to Describe You to Someone. Oddly enough, the band's Bridge Nine 2007 debut was called Crime in Stereo Is Dead, perhaps hinting at an earlier consideration the band made to pack it in.

Crime in Stereo spent a considerable amount of time on the road and recently cancelled a batch of shows after vocalist Kristian Hallbert had to have emergency dental surgery. The singer had a few teeth removed and his jawbone operated on, according to PunkNews. It's unknown at this time whether Hallbert's injuries contributed to the band's breakup.

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