Creation Records Celebrated with Massive Box Set

Creation Records Celebrated with Massive Box Set
Alan McGee's feted UK imprint Creation Records has been inactive for years, so London's Cherry Red Records is taking it upon itself to shine the spotlight on some of Creation's finest early moments. Featuring classic tracks from the Jesus and Mary Chain, Primal Scream and so many more is a new box set called Creation Artifact: The Dawn of Creation Records 1983-1985.

A press release explains that the historical set arrives September 25. It includes five discs' worth of material, with the first two platters celebrating some of the earliest singles in the imprint's catalogue. This includes material from fuzz-pop greats the Jesus and Mary Chain and Primal Scream, as well as acts like the Legend!, the Pastels, Biff Bang Pow!, the Loft, the Jasmine Minks, and the Moodists.

The third disc includes various rare tracks, album cuts and alternate versions, including a demo of the Jesus and Mary Chain's ubiquitous "Just Like Honey" and a trio of live tracks from Television Personalities. The next platter preserves even more demos from the likes of the X-men and Meat Whiplash. Finally, the fifth disc features various BBC sessions tracked with John Peel and Janice Long.

Creation Artifact is described as "the first comprehensive box set devoted to the early years of Creation Records." It features a lavish book featuring a 12,000-word essay from journalist Neil Taylor, as well as band biographies and assorted remembrances. All told, it's said to give fans a good look at how McGee entered the record biz.

"When we started Creation, I was 23 so we made it up as we went along — most of the first batch were mates I had met through my club the Living Room," the label founder said in a statement.

Down below, you'll find the box set's massive tracklist.

Creation Artifact: The Dawn Of Creation Records 1983-1985:

Disc 1: Singles:

1. The Legend! "'73 In'83"   
2. The Legend! "You (Chunka Chunka) We're Glamorous"
3. The Legend! "Melt The Guns"      
4. The Revolving Paint Dream "Flowers In The Sky"
5. The Revolving Paint Dream "In The Afternoon"
6. Biff Bang Pow! "Fifty Years Of Fun"      
7. Biff Bang Pow! "Then When I Scream"
8. The Jasmine Minks "Think!"
9. The Jasmine Minks "Work For Nothing"
10. The Pastels "Something Going On"        
11. The Pastels "Stay With Me Till Morning"
12. The X-men "Do The Ghost"        
13. The X-men "Talk"
14. Biff Bang Pow! "There Must Be A Better Life"
15. Biff Bang Pow! "The Chocolate Elephant Man"
16. The Jasmine Minks "Where The Traffic Goes"
17. The Jasmine Minks "Mr Magic"
18. The Loft "Why Does The Rain"
19. The Loft "Like"   
20. The Loft "Winter"
21. The Legend! "The Legend! Destroys The Blues"
22. The Legend! "Arrogant Bastards"
23. The X-men "Bad Girl"     
24. The Pastels "Million Tears"          
25. The Pastels "Surprise Me"
26. The Pastels "Baby Honey"          
Disc 2: Singles:

1. The Jesus And Mary Chain "Upside Down"
2. The Jesus And Mary Chain "Vegetable Man"
3. The Loft "Up The Hill And Down The Slope"
4. The Loft "Your Door Shines Like Gold"
5. The Loft "Lonely Street"   
6. The Loft "Time"    
7. The Bodines "God Bless"  
8. The Bodines "Paradise"     
9. Primal Scream "All Fall Down"
10. Primal Scream "It Happens"        
11. The Jasmine Minks "What's Happening"
12. The Jasmine Minks "Black & Blue"        
13. Meat Whiplash "Don't Slip Up"
14. Meat Whiplash "Here It Comes"
15. Five Go Down To The Sea? "Singing In Braille"
16. Five Go Down To The Sea? "Aunt Nelly"
17. Five Go Down To The Sea? "Silk Brain Worm Women"
18. The Moodists "Justice And Money Too"
19. The Moodists "You've Got Your Story"
20. The Moodists "Take Us All Home"         
21. The Pastels "I'm Alright With You"       
22. The Pastels "Couldn't Care Less"
23. The Pastels "What It's Worth"
24. Biff Bang Pow! "Love And Hate"
25. The Weather Prophets "Worm In My Brain"
Disc 3: Rarities & Album:

1. The Laughing Apple "Participate!"
2. The Laughing Apple "Wouldn't You?"    
3. The Revolving Paint Dream "In The Afternoon (early version)
4. The Jasmine Minks "The Thirty Second Set Up"
5. The Jasmine Minks "Somers Town"          
6. Biff Bang Pow! " Fifty Years Of Fun" (almost live version)
7. Biff Bang Pow! "Waterbomb!"
8. J.C. Brouchard with Biff Bang Pow! "Someone Stole My Wheels
9. J.C. Brouchard with Biff Bang Pow! "Sunny Days"
10. The Jesus And Mary Chain "Upside Down" (demo version)
11. The Jesus And Mary Chain "Just Like Honey" (Oct 84 demo)
12. The Bodines "God Bless" (alternative version)
13. The Membranes "I Am Fish Eye"
14. The Membranes "Gift Of Life"   
15. The Jasmine Minks "Seven And Seven Is" ^      
16. The June Brides "I Fall" ^
17. The Legend! "Arrogant Bastards" ^        
18. The Three Johns "A.W.O.L." ^   
19. The Loft "Your Door Shines Like Gold" ^         
20. The Mekons "Rock'n'Roll Shoes"
21. The Legend! & His Swinging Soul Sisters "Sweet Soul Music" ^
22. The Jasmine Minks "Green Fuz" ^
23. Alternative Tv "Lonely Lenny" ^
24. Television Personalities "A Picture Of Dorian Gray" (live)
25. Television Personalities "The Dream Inspires" (live) *
26. Television Personalities "Family Affair" (live) *
Disc 4: Demos:

1. The Jasmine Minks "All Fall Down" *      
2. The Jasmine Minks "Work" *        
3. The Jasmine Minks "Second Post" *         
4. The Legend! "Boredom (is)" *      
5. Meat Whiplash "Losing Your Grip" *       
6. Meat Whiplash "Always Sunday" *          
7. Meat Whiplash "Walk Away" *    
8. The Legend! "Victorian Values" *
9. The X-men "Home" *        
10. The X-men "Planet Of The X" * 
11. The Moodists "The Train From Kansas City" *  
12. The Moodists "The Day They All Wake Up" *   
13. The Moodists "I Guess I'm Dumb" *      
14. The Legend! "Social Protest (by Numbers)" *    
15. The Jasmine Minks "Mr Magic" *
16. The Jasmine Minks "Friends" *   
17. The Legend! "Do You Remember" *      
18. Biff Bang Pow! "Lost Your Dreams" (demo)     
19. Biff Bang Pow! "I'm Okay Me" (demo) 
20. The Legend! "Picture The Scene" *        
21. The X-men "A Tryst For Liszt" *
22. The X-men "Stone Cold One Note Mind" *       
23. The Jasmine Minks "Choice" *    
24. The Jasmine Minks "Everybody's Got To Grow Up Sometime" *
Disc 5: BBC Sessions:

1. The X-men "The Witch" (John Peel 13/9/1984)    
2. The X-men "Little Girl" (John Peel 13/9/1984)     
3. The X-men "Xtramental" (John Peel 13/9/1984)   
4. The Loft "On A Tuesday" (Janice Long 9/12/1984)         
5. The Loft "Skeleton Staircase" (Janice Long 9/12/1984)   
6. The Loft "The Canal And The Big Red Town" (Janice Long 9/12/1984)
7. The Loft "Lonely Street" (Janice Long 9/12/1984)           
8. The Moodists "Other Man" (John Peel 10/7/85)   
9. The Moodists "Bullet Train" (John Peel 10/7/85)  
10. The Moodists "Take The Red Carpet Out Of Town"  (John Peel 10/7/85)
11. The Moodists "Justice And Money Too" (John Peel 10/7/85)    
12. Meat Whiplash "Loss" (John Peel 28/10/1985)   
13. Meat Whiplash "Walk Away" (John Peel 28/10/1985)   
14. Meat Whiplash "Eat Me To The Core" (John Peel 28/10/1985)  
15. Meat Whiplash "She Comes Tomorrow" (John Peel 28/10/1985)           
16. The Bodines "Scar Tissue" (Janice Long 13/10/1985)     
17. The Bodines "Therese" (Janice Long 13/10/1985)          
18. The Bodines "William Shatner" (Janice Long 13/10/1985)         
19. The Bodines "The Back Door"  (Janice Long 13/10/1985)         
20. The Loft "Beware" (live) 
21. The Loft "Wide Open Arms" (live)
22. The Loft "Worm In My Brain" (live)
23. The Loft "Up The Hill And Down The Slope" (live)      
^ Alive In the Living Room
* previously unreleased