Craw Bodies for Strontium 90

It's a rare thing that a band will last for 12 years and continue to produce amazingly good music. Cleveland, OH's Craw is one of those rarities. This four-piece powerhouse, featuring Keelhaul drummer Will Scharf, has remained relatively unknown for most of their career, but with the release of Bodies for Strontium 90, I'm sure that this won't be the case for much longer. I predict that this release, recorded and mixed by Bill Korecky (Integrity, Buried Alive, Keelhaul) at the Mars Compound, and released on the prolific Hydra Head label, will introduce Craw to a new, younger audience that will be thrilled with what they have to offer. The accompanying record sleeve compares this band to the Jesus Lizard and the Dazzling Killmen, and I couldn't agree more. Smoothly fusing the best elements of rock, metal and hardcore, Craw plows through the nine songs on this release with a crushing intensity and insanity. Vocalist Joe McTighe employs a style similar to that of Shellac front-man Steve Albini; an interesting coincidence, considering Albini produced the band's first three full-lengths. If you are a fan of Keelhaul, as I am, you will find this band, and this record, to be thoroughly enjoyable. (Hydra Head)