The Courtneys "Lost Boys" (video)

The Courtneys 'Lost Boys' (video)
Vancouver trio the Courtneys offer up a loving homage to '80s vampire flick The Lost Boys with the new teeth-baring video clip for their latest single, fittingly dubbed "Lost Boys."

The neon-hued video clip, directed by Rose Gagnon and shot by Andrew Volk, finds the Courtneys exploring a spooked-up carnival's rides and midways. As guitarist Courtney Loove and bassist Sydney Koke cruise a Ferris Wheel, drummer Jen Twynn Payne gets caught up in the hypnotic gaze of an undead bad boy (Seattle outfit So Pitted's Nathan Rodriguez). Without spoiling too much, teeth are sunk into more than just cotton candy before a dance party closes out the clip.

We don't know how the hell they captured the vampiric activity on film, but you can peep it all the same in the player down below.

Though a due date has yet to be delivered, "Lost Boys" is expected to pop up on a cassette single for Burger Records at a later date.