Courtney Love's Autobiography, 'My Story,' Due in December

Courtney Love's Autobiography, 'My Story,' Due in December
Reports have been circulating about a Courtney Love-penned autobiography for a couple of years, and now the controversial songwriter is finally ready to share her life story with the world. According to listings on Amazon and iTunes, My Story is due out on December 15 through Macmillan.

An official synopsis promises that the tome will dish the dirt on Love's tenuous relationship with her family, her time as a stripper and her battles with drug abuse. Of course, there will be plenty of details about her high-profile relationships.

The synopsis reads, "Beginning in the San Francisco counter-culture, maturing within the world of punk and grunge in the '80s and '90s, the book reveals an artist at the epicentre of alternative culture. Nothing is off limits, not her relationship with Billy Corgan and Trent Reznor, nor her engagement to Ed Norton, and for the first time her marriage to Kurt Cobain will be revealed as the tragic romance it really was. While she doesn't shy away from tales of excess, Courtney also goes deeper, offering unique insights into the modern rock culture she helped shape, creating an unforgettable portrait of an outspoken, creatively dangerous, undeniably entertaining artist and woman."

The tome is 400 pages long. It's worth noting that release dates listed on various retailers are somewhat inconsistent and vary by format, but Amazon and iTunes both agree that the digital edition will arrive on December 15.

We should also point out that we're not entirely sure if the above book cover is final, since it says "DRAFT" on it. These latest listings follow some scrapped release plans that had the memoir coming out last year.

In other recent news, Love has talked about having a new solo album in the works.