Countdown To Oblivion/They Live Countdown To Oblivion/They Live

Representing the Toronto/Buffalo hardcore axis and "keepin' it real" is what this record's about. Both bands play the kind of hc/punk that you won't see on the Warped tour, and that's how they like it. The highlight on this split is the point/counterpoint sniping, laden with references that only those who live in the area can truly appreciate. The opening salvo comes from Toronto's Countdown To Oblivion in "Four Alarm Fire At Gambino Ford": "Rejects from Gummo will pump your gas. Commander Tom will tell you it's always cloudier by the burned out factories." They Live's response, "No Alarm Break-In At Who's Emma," is also good for a chuckle: "Only in Toronto will rejects from suburbia squeegie your windows for fucking PCP." Get 'em while they're hot. (Ugly Pop)