Cosmic Starfish Tonight's Favors

A compilation of quirky, electronic dance songs seems like the best way to describe Cosmic Starfish’s sophomore release. With simple repetition, a drum machine and overdubbing madness, this solo artist created a monster, but it’s a good one, as in the kind that might walk around in a trance with a colourful arrangement of lights following its every move. With catchy songs like "Moonbounce” and the hilarious "Halo Operadora,” this album is like a spaceship filled with aliens making weird sounds and singing in a digitised, made-up language. But with all the strange leaps in sound and tempo, there’s a somewhat theatrical base that kind of has a weird "gothic music from the ’80s” undercurrent paired with an experimental "I like to sing along to an iPod” feel. The album is like a two-sided coin that on one side is quite quirky and on the other side is somewhat sinister. Either way, it’s an entertaining listen. (Independent)