Corridor Get Chad VanGaalen for "Grand cheval" Animated Video

Corridor Get Chad VanGaalen for 'Grand cheval' Animated Video
Ahead of beginning a U.S. tour this week, Corridor have shared a new video for "Grand cheval" created by Chad VanGaalen.

The visuals created for the band's Junior cut follow an alien gatherer in an extraterrestrial world — a character that VanGaalen was able to play himself by using the animation technique of rotoscoping.

"I sewed a jacket, pants and hat to rotoscope myself as this alien gatherer," he explained. "Everything was drawn onto a malfunctioning 15-year-old [Cintiq tablet]. You can buy them for $20 on eBay, although I wouldn't recommend it. [...] I filled my body and mind with many ingredients in order to go from monocular to trinocular, now my vision is blurry but my tailored clothing feels amazing."

Corridor vocalist/guitarist Jonathan Robert added that "Grand cheval" was inspired by an encounter with a grumpy old man in a park, recalling, "He talked to us about mediocre poetry and philosophy while asking for cigarettes and beer. When we asked him to leave us alone, he became angry, climbed onto his high horse (Grand Cheval) and became this old demagogue belittling the youth."

Corridor's lone forthcoming Canadian date comes at Quebec City's Festival d'été de Quebec. Find their full itinerary here.

Junior is out now through Bonsound/Sub Pop.