Corporate Avenger Freedom Is A State Of Mind

This is a joke, right? If dressing three guys up like a cross between Mudvayne and Mad Max and having them spout off rudimentary, bleeding-heart, leftwing, politically correct theory, ad nauseam, doesn't seem ridiculous, then consider the medium. The musical expanse explored here is rap metal so embryonic that the most backwoods dullard could've conjured it up. Corporate Avenger not only look farcical, they make Powerman 5000 sound like Coltrane. But it would appear that the music takes a deliberate backseat to the message (which, as Christian bands and Midnight Oil prove, is always a good idea) and, in all honesty, there's nothing unique about either. We've heard it all before: the government sucks, religion is evil, "Voting Doesn't Work," "The Bible is Bullshit" and "Taxes Are Stealing," and so is expecting anyone to actually pay for this tripe. (Koch)