The Coppertone Returns with New EP

The Coppertone Returns with New EP
In 2013, the Coppertone successfully raised more than $20,000 to leave her record deal, and now the bluesy Canadian songwriter also known as Amanda Zelina has returned with a new EP. The Bakery came out digitally today (May 26).

This is her first collection since 2011's Hymns for the Hollow. Since taking a break from recording and live performance during the aforementioned clash with her former label Dine Alone, she wrote more than 200 songs. While she's still working on a new full-length, four of the new tracks are included here.

"The Bakery is an EP. I'm moving into a new place as an artist, I felt I owed it to my fans to release this. It's a celebration what we accomplished together," she said in a statement. "Everybody progresses, grows, changes… Art has its own timeline. Right now I am back to work, carefully and passionately putting together my next chapter."

Hear The Bakery in full below. On these songs, Zelina once again explores a garage blues sound, although the melodically alt-rocking "Son of a Gun" is a stylistic exception. It's available as a pay-what-you-want download on Bandcamp.

The Bakery:

1. Woman to Woman
2. Young Blood
3. Son of a Gun
4. Dead Set