Copperpot WYLA? (What're You Looking At?)

After crossing borders on unpaid credit cards so he could party with all-star rappers, American-born Copperpot accumulated enough business cards to bring on the likes of KRS One, Masta Ace and Prince Po, not to mention the Britons he currently lives by, for WYLA? Copperpot makes hip-hop in its purest form, with tight beats wrapping around tight raps. KRS One appears three times, the best of which is "Come Back Home.” Masta Ace gives lessons on "Art of Rap” and Psalm One "spits shit that will give you a diseased clit” on "Blow,” while Braintax delivers his Brit wit to little shits on "Demo.” He raps, "Your CD got six seconds before the whole office said eject it.” The cinematic dish of samples, "Clowning Around,” is a spliff-roller. In the end, what you’re looking at is an album worth buying. (EV)