Coolio Workin' On Cookin' With Coolio Cookbook

Coolio Workin' On <i>Cookin' With Coolio</i> Cookbook
Remember Coolio? You know, Coolio, the wacky-haired MC who dropped science about gangsta paradises and gettin’ up before you get down back in, like, ’95. Well, apparently since his rap career went down the crapper long ago, he’s out to make a comeback — not as a rapper but as a cook. Yes, a cook.

The 44-year-old Compton-born Coolio has been raking in a bit of success these days with his webisode series, Cookin’ with Coolio, and now he has plans for an accompanying cookbook, where you can find such Coolio-designed concoctions as "Fork Steak and Heavenly Ghettalian Garlic Bread.”

"I'm a gourmet chef," Coolio recently told the Guardian. "I have my own YouTube channel for cooking. I do a lot of healthy fusion food. I do black Italian, Blitalian; black Asian, Blasian; black English, Blenglish; and I'm about to try black Scottish, Blottish. I like traditional food and putting my own twist on it."

And keeping true to his hip-hop roots, Coolio has brought a new element of beef to the culinary world by recently dissing Kitchen Nightmares star and potty-mouth Gordon Ramsay. "I ate in one of his restaurants and I was not impressed. I would take all his dishes and make them better," Coolio told Digital Spy. (Ohhhhh, snap!)

While talking more about his culinary rivals to the Guardian, he added: "I like Rachael Ray. I like Bobby Flay. I like all them cats. But they are not the Gourmet Ghetto, baby. My motto is, I cook better than your Shaka Zulu mama. And I wash my hands a lot."

But it seems this career shift isn’t just about regaining a steady paycheque and striking up beefs. Coolio told Newsweek earlier this year that he’s really out to make "black food” healthier and more affordable.

No release date for Coolio’s cookbook has been set yet but you can get a glimpse of Cookin' with Coolio below, as well as all over YouTube.

Cookin' with Coolio