The Cool Kids "Big Talk"

The Cool Kids 'Big Talk'
With their debut album, Chicago, IL rap team the Cool Kids have fallen prey to endless delays related to major label drama. Now free from their contract, here's hoping the duo can finally get their When Fish Ride Bicycles album finished and out.

Despite the wait, the Cool Kids are excellent at keeping their fans satisfied with a constant stream of new material. The latest leak comes courtesy of band member Chuck Inglish, who dropped "Big Talk" on his Twitter yesterday (November 10). 
The track came with a warning from Inglish, who wrote, "It will murder your speakers. Don't turn it up too loud unless ur shit can handle it. Just a heads up."

 Now that's the kind of warning we like to hear. As promised, the track is packed with bass that will rumble your audio device if you're not careful. Lyrically, it's more of the super laid-back flow we've come to expect from the duo. The Cool Kids still sound fresh five years after they were first declared the next big thing.

Download "Big Talk" here.