Converge to Release 'Jane Doe' Live Album

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished Jan 16, 2017

While a new LP from Converge is certainly one of the year's most anticipated releases, the metallic hardcore icons will first look back on one of their most celebrated releases in Jane Doe with a new live album.

Titled Jane Live, the recording comes from the band's appearance at the 2016 edition of Roadburn Festival in Tilburg, Netherlands, where they performed the record front to back. The live recording was mixed by Converge guitarist Kurt Ballou at GodCity Studio and mastered by Brad Boatright.

Jane Live also arrives with reimagined cover art for each vinyl variant set to be released. Ashley Rose Couture's real life construction, which is pictured above, will be standard across all formats, with reinterpretations from Florian Bertmer, Baroness's John Baizley, Randy Ortiz and Thomas Hooper adorning the remaining vinyl variants. You can find those below.

Jane Live is available for pre-order through Deathwish Inc. over here, with a ship date listed for February 24. Converge offshoot Wear Your Wounds also announced their debut LP last week, which you can read up on here.

Scroll through the tracklist and cover variants to hear opener "Concubine" in the player below.

Jane Live:

1. Concubine (Live) 
2. Fault and Fracture (Live) 
3. Distance and Meaning (Live) 
4. Hell to Pay (Live) 
5. Homewrecker (Live) 
6. The Broken Vow (Live) 
7. Bitter and Then Some (Live) 
8. Heaven in Her Arms (Live) 
9. Phoenix in Flight (Live) 
10. Phoenix in Flame (Live) 
11. Thaw (Live) 
12. Jane Doe (Live) 

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