Contact Contact

Self-described as a blending of rock, house, break-beat and drum & bass, Toronto’s own up and coming group Contact, is exactly that and then some. This group’s on the cusp of something, it’s just difficult to say exactly what that something is. This review is based on a three-set EP, which can be thought of as a traveller’s delight or a mood setter for a homebody’s tranquillity. One could say that Contact’s sound is interesting, but what is a comment like that really worth? In this case, it’s worth a hell of a lot as compared to some of the mindless, repetitive drivel being played out there. Mouths should be wide open, pallets whet and heads held high for this group’s debut. As for Contact, the strictly refreshing quality of their sound is that it is completely without overdubs — real music, by real musicians. Bottom line, I’m buying whatever they’re selling! (Independent)