Conspiracy Sex is the Key to Immortality

Conspiracy always delivers on concepts, lyrics and swagger, even if his albums have sometimes lacked in sound quality. He just needs a strong hand guiding him and producer Chris Plus, who supplies all the beats this time around, does a great job of insuring a high standard of sound quality on Sex is the Key to Immortality. Sure, Conspiracy gets a little tongue-tied at times but he also delivers tongue twisters as well. More often, he slows it down and draws the words out, always with menace. He’s a righteous, angry, dirty fucking pervert. Combining Necro’s pornocore and Ill Bill’s political conspiracy raps with a shipload of cocky, Conspiracy creates his own unique brand of acid rap. Plus, Chris Plus sets the mood perfectly with his horrorcore mix-up that brings together slamming drums, synthetic bass, keyboard effects, horror movie shtick and other dark sounds to create fist-pumping, face-punching boom-bap hip-hop. No FFWD required. (Busshaak)