Conor Oberst Drops Libel Suit over Rape Allegations

Conor Oberst Drops Libel Suit over Rape Allegations
Conor Oberst has been wrapped up in rape allegations for some time, but his accuser Joanie Faircloth recently admitted that she had been lying, issuing a public apology and clearing his name. Oberst has since said he accepts her apology, and he has now dropped the charges against her.

Oberst had filed a million-dollar libel lawsuit against Faircloth, claiming the suit had affected his record sales. Now, however, Buzzfeed reports that Oberst's lawyers filed a notice of voluntary dismissal on Friday (July 18), effectively ending the case.

Speaking with Buzzfeed, Oberst's publicist confirmed "that Conor had his lawyer ask the judge to dismiss the complaint against Joanie Faircloth. Conor's only goal throughout these court proceedings has been to expose the truth. As per his statement of last week: he looks forward to moving on to happier times."

Last week, Oberst released the following statement:

I have accepted Joanie Faircloth's apology and retraction to clear my name. This has been extremely difficult and stressful for me personally and for those I love. I'm appreciative of the family, friends, fans, and business partners who supported me throughout this and look forward to happier times as we all move forward with our lives.