Conditioner Lawnya Vawnya, St. John's NL, May 26

Conditioner Lawnya Vawnya, St. John's NL, May 26
Photo: Matt Williams
Kicking off what had become known as "the punk showcase" was local punk quartet Conditioner. The band hit the stage looking a touch ragged, as if they'd already played a set, likely thanks to the top room at the Republic's warm, sweaty embrace, packed with buds lookin' to get rowdy.
Thankfully, Conditioner gave them everything they wanted. The band have dialled into that sweet, sweet sound that falls somewhere between outsider rock'n'roll and loose, take-no-prisoners punk à la early Replacements.
The drummer and a guitarist at the front of the ramshackle stage clad in a Wipers tee traded vocal duties, with the former taking care of most of the stage banter, making sure to point out that they had a single cassette at the merch table for sale. After a Swearin' cover, he announced that their next would be their last, "leaving lots to be desired, I'm sure."
Hardly — Conditioner's finale, a song about how using the word alright doesn't always mean you're for real all right, was all vicious, crashing fun, just like the rest of their set.

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