Conation Trouble Waters and Fortresses

Surprises are in tow in Conation’s latest release Trouble Waters and Fortresses. This Aussie band have created unpredictable musical numbers that draw on string-sectioned indie, fast and growling hardcore and politically motivated lyrics. Trouble Waters may be confusing to some listeners; don’t be surprised when tracks like "Secure Measures” start off with emo-laden vocals and soothing guitar suddenly busts right into fast punk by the songs end. I don’t remember the last time I heard a hardcore band use a didgeridoo, so on creativity alone Conation scores high. Sometimes the odd song structure works, other times it takes away from what could be a great song. They Have Come This Far has a beautiful and well-written viola breakdown, but it is soon encompassed by an only somewhat decent hardcore/metal inspired chorus. But combined with amazing album art, this Conation release at least makes for an interesting listen. (Deplorable)