Common "Everybody Up: Roll Call" (NBA commercial)

Common 'Everybody Up: Roll Call' (NBA commercial)
While Common's latest LP asserted that Nobody's Smiling these days, the rapper is having a bit of fun in a new commercial pumping up the NBA's upcoming 2014-2015 season.

Titled "Everybody Up: Roll Call," the quick cut has Common riling up anyone not already juiced up by the pre-season action going on right now. Backed by a sample of the rollicking electric piano rhythm's of Ray Charles' "What'd I Say," he salutes those on and off the bench, including those from Live City and Rip City, fans cuddled up in their La-Z-Boys, hat collectors and "all those baby sizes."

You'll also see "the dude with the beard" (a.k.a. James Harden); rookie Golden State coach Steve Kerr; a masked, dancing Shaq; Kevin Durant's mom; smiling draft picks, and more.

As for the anticipated Cavs season, bringing together returned golden child LeBron James and power forward Kevin Love, Common quips, "that's going to be fun."

You can see the ballin' commercial down below, while the season officially begins October 28.