Comfort a Crying Drake with the 'Drizzy Tears' App

Comfort a Crying Drake with the 'Drizzy Tears' App
Ready for yet another hilarious Drake thing on the Internet? The endlessly memeable man is now the subject of a new app that's heating up smartphones everywhere.

Drizzy Tearz is a new game that capitalizes on Drake's sensitive side. Load up the digital Drizzy and watch him shed a tear or two. Your job is to tap the tears before they hit the bottom of your phone. The game is available now in the iTunes store.

Here's the game's official description [via XXL]:

Drizzy is pouring his Tearz into the rap game and you must stop him before it's TOO LATE! Tap the Tearz to stop him from crying and don't let them reach the bottom of the screen! Don't be the worst, beat your best score and your friend's! Use headphones to amplify the experience, the soundtrack is awesome! For best performance Drizzy recommends iPhone 5 or later.

To coincide with the game, there's also a soundtrack called Tearz from the 6. It features 12 Drake parody songs that are at once accurate and ridiculous. You can stream it below.