Comet Control "Criminal Mystic"

Comet Control 'Criminal Mystic'
Comet Control formed from the ashes of Quest for Fire and Deadly Snakes, and the Toronto-based band are nearly ready to unveil the follow-up to 2014's self-titled debut. Before Center of the Maze arrives, the band have teased the forthcoming full-length with a new single called "Criminal Mystic."

The new record hears the space-inspired psych rockers reaching even further into the stratosphere, with the help of engineer Josh Korody. He captured the band's volatile blend of swirling synths, haunting vocals and fuzzed-out guitars to tape, and "Criminal Mystic" serves as a solid introduction to the group's out-of-this-world sound.

Electronic buzz collides with totally righteous rock'n'roll riffs, while hazy vocals add the finishing touch on the onslaught of cosmic psychedelia on the new song.

"When I started writing the lyrics and recording the vocals, I cut out the world for a while," the band's Chad Ross tells Exclaim! "I set up in a backyard garage studio in Toronto's west end by myself. I was re-reading The Road, and also some paranoid sci-fi. Generally uplifting stuff. The songs became dystopian westerns, set in space. Paranoia, beehives, human illness, sobriety and criminal activity all came to light. It's a general idea, to be 'comfortable getting lost.'"

Center of the Maze is out on June 24 and it's available for pre-order here. You can listen to the premiere of "Criminal Mystic" right now in the player below.