Comeback Kid Robbed in Montreal, Continue Touring

Comeback Kid Robbed in Montreal, Continue Touring
Montreal is quickly becoming the Canadian equivalent of the Bermuda triangle after claiming Winnipeg's Comeback Kid as its most recent victim. The Smallman-signed hardcore band had their van and trailer stolen last night (October 23) from a public parking lot outside of their hotel.

As their Through The Noise tour is nearing its end (Toronto, London, Guelph and Hamilton remain), the band are left with little recourse other than to push through to the finish line.

"We called around to make sure the van hadn't just been towed," said guitarist Jeremy Hiebert, "and once we realized what had happened, we just tried to deal with it." With this kind of setback the band have resourcefully borrowed gear and will continue to play shows with Misery Signals, Shai Hulud, Bane, Out Break and Grave Maker.

For any fans looking to pick up some Comeback Kid merch, like their recently released Through The Noise CD/DVD, don't hold your breath, since that was also stolen. But if anyone happens to be in Montreal and sees someone selling CBK tees on the side of the road, do the right thing and swerve at them.

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