Comeback Kid

Die Knowing

BY Bradley Zorgdrager Published Feb 28, 2014

Comeback Kid have been haunted by the loss of former vocalist Scott Wade since his departure following 2005's Wake the Dead. The following albums weren't bad, per se, but Broadcasting was judged in the shadow of Wade's then-recent departure, while Symptoms + Cures reined in the speed and intensity fans craved.

On their third album since Andrew Neufeld moved to vocals, Comeback Kid were poised to strike out, but pleasantly, they instead knock Die Knowing out of the park. The album finds the band broadening their scope, with "Should Know Better" and "Beyond" nearing Pennywise territory, replete with requisite "whoa-oh-ohs." Meanwhile, "Unconditional" and "Sink In" further the hooks presented last time around.

However, what's most exciting are the extra meaty breakdowns, which sound more like Neufeld and guitarist Jeremy Hiebert's old metalcore-leaning band, Figure Four, than Comeback Kid as you knew them. Oh, and Wade shows up for a guest shout on "Full Swing." The Kids are back, and if they suffered an untimely demise, they could Die Knowing they've released their most diverse album yet.

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