Colour Me Wednesday "Sugar Coated" (video)

Colour Me Wednesday 'Sugar Coated' (video)
In addition to Colour Me Wednesday's new 7-inch on Kingfisher Bluez, the UK pop rock unit are prepping for a summer split with Spoonboy. Before the record arrives, though, you can check out a very '90s-styled video for the set's "Sugar Coated."

Though a collection of guitarists are seen gearing up to totally slay their fret boards, the video's focus is thankfully put on the band's Harriet Doveton, who gives up fantastically fuzzy chords the whole song through. The track pokes fun at failed guitar gurus that don't have faith in female six-stringers, even finding said assorted clowns trying to give Doveton some unnecessary pointers.

The rest of the video apparently has the Colour Me Wednesday team diving deep into the opening credits of Saved by the Bell, with both Doveton and her sister Jennifer singing the song in front of neon squiggles and floating troll dolls.

You can see the retro visuals down below.

Physical copies of the Colour Me Wednesday/Spoonboy split are due out sometime this summer through Lauren Records, though you can stream all the tracks online over here.