The Colour

Between Earth & Sky

BY Sari DelmarPublished May 23, 2007

Los Angeles’s the Colour have nailed the art of recording. This album has so much energy it could start a fire in your ears. I’m sure part of this has to do with the experience of producer Jaquire King (Kings of Leon, Modest Mouse), but if the tunes weren’t as bold as they are the great production would be useless. When looking at all 12 tracks, it’s easy to be intimidated; it’s a bulky set of songs, each one stuffed with ungodly amounts of enthusiasm. It’s hard to take it all in with one gulp — looking at songs singularly works best. "Just a Taste” is classy rock’n’roll with two-tone inclusions and Beatles and Rolling Stones influences. On "You’re a Treasure,” the band transform to become more typical. You know: the rolling bass, snarling vocals, bar chords. It’s overdone but still fun as hell. Their best moments are seen when they step out of their comfort zone. "Save Yourself” experiments with vocal melodies, while "Silver Meadows” tries its hand at romantic balladry and ends up sounding like a modern Simon & Garfunkel cover. Each cut steams with angular wisdom, making the Colour sound older than they are, but their juvenility makes an appearance every now and then on the few tracks that fall on their faces, lacking any interesting aspects. However, if a band like the Colour make it on to alt-rock radio stations, I will have a reason to feel more positively about society’s state. Here’s to hoping!

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