Coliseum Coliseum

Like the underground’s version of the Hulk/Bruce Banner, Ryan Patterson is a soft-spoken, righteous dude until you make him angry, then give him a guitar and a mic and watch the rampaging destruction. Problem is, it’s tough to not like him even more when he’s pissed off, seeing as he makes great music in acts such as the National Acrobat, Black Widows/Cross and now with his latest venture, Coliseum. Having little in common with the sonic conflict of the Acrobat and taking the Cross’s hardcore punk drive/structure and staining it with a dark coat of Motörhead-style crust, rock and older hardcore/punk influences, Coliseum is a relentlessly real declaration of aggressive music and discontent. Tracks fly by in a wail of scratched-out vocals and harsh riffs, but it’s catchier and more linear than the Acrobat and rougher and more driving than Cross. While the slight 27-minute-plus running time helps mitigate the sameness of the style, it’s impossible not to respect the sentiment or honesty of Coliseum, or get drawn in. (Level Plane)