Coldplay Announce "Christmas Lights" Single

Coldplay Announce 'Christmas Lights' Single
While middle-of-the-road pop rockers Coldplay probably won't be delivering a new album by Christmas as promised, all is not lost for your mom's grocery-shopping playlist, as the quartet have announced a new single. According to a press release, the group will drop "Christmas Lights," their very own Christmas song, as a digital download on December 1.

The hand-scrawled press release (which can be seen above) reads "Next week at 8pm on Wednesday 1st December we are releasing a new song called 'Christmas Lights.' It will be on iTunes and everything. It is in the key of G. We hope you have a great Christmas and Holidays. Yours truly, Coldplay."

The message also includes some scribbled out text, which, when analyzed closely, reads "We are doing the video right now" and "a mid-tempo number."

Hopefully, the song will have a very distinct sound as to avoid allegations that it was ripped off. The band's last smash single "Viva La Vida" drew the ire of everyone from Cat Stevens to Joe Satriani. Now, the Internet researchers at BuzzFeed may have finally pinpointed the song's original source: the Super Mario Brothers. See the video below for full evidence.