Cold Specks "A Season of Doubt" (video)

Cold Specks 'A Season of Doubt' (video)
Cold Specks has just delivered a powerful video behind her Neuroplasticity closer, "A Season of Doubt." Weighing in on themes of racism and conflict, it can be watched online now.

The track plays out via spacious piano, mournful brass and Cold Specks' lines about finding the spirit to fight. Determined yet bleak, the Seth Pimlott-directed visuals often find the singer's visage, which stares deep into our souls, becoming eclipsed by footage of protestors clashing with police.

Cold Specks said of the video:

"I was in America when the Ferguson grand jury decision was announced. I was there again when it was announced the police officer who placed Eric Garner into a fatal chokehold would not be indicted. I felt an overwhelming sense of sadness. I just kept thinking of my baby brother. My brother is 12 years old. The same age as Tamir Rice, the child who was shot and killed as he carried his toy gun. It could've been him.

I shouldn't have to remember the first time I was called a nigger as vividly as my first kiss. I shouldn't have to experience and witness the burden of being black in 2015. It shouldn't have to be this painful."

You can let the message sink in by giving the video a stream down below, courtesy of Afropunk.