Coilguns Watchwinders

Coilguns Watchwinders
This Swiss sludge four-piece have quickly followed their 2018 release with their new record, Watchwinders. This time, the band have worked to further diversify their sludge/hardcore qualities with experimentation to separate themselves from an overly saturated pool of hardcore acts. Watchwinders is an urgent-sounding sludge record with plenty of tricks up its sleeve.
On Watchwinders, the drums are the star of the show. From blast beats on "Subculture Encryptors" and "Urban Reserves" to the gymnastics of "The Growing Block View" and "Broken Records," drummer Luc Hess is an amazing player who gives this album needed depth.
The experimentation is a risk that completely pays off. From the spoken word pieces on "The Morning Shower" and  "Periscope," to the sonic static soundscapes in "A Mirror Bias" and "Prioress," there's plenty of balance that makes the record's heaviest moments stand out. This record pays off for its patient listeners by offering plenty of riffs on "Watchwinders," "Manicheans" and "Broken Records."
Coilguns is a fantastic all-around sludge metal record in a year where those are few and far between. If you enjoy heavy music in realm of bands like Yautja and the Great Sabatini, Coilgun's Watchwinders for you.

*Editor's note: An earlier version of this review misidentified Coilguns' drummer; Exclaim! regrets the error. (Hummus)