Coil Musick to Play in the Dark-Volumes 1 & 2

Originally released in 1999 and limited to runs of 1000 each, Musick… has resurfaced thanks to the relative cheapness of CD duplication in Thailand, current home of surviving Coil co-founder Peter Christopherson. The title of these discs is quite apropos given that the nature of these songs is best appreciated in the late hours. Not for when you’re trying to relax, but for those moments when the day’s anxieties creep up and cause unease. Musically, it’s a mixed bag of minimalist ambience with cinematic overtones all glued together by the dark musings and laments of vocalist John Balance (RIP). Balance’s delivery cycles between dry spoken word and queasy melodies, both of which work effectively with the abstract and quite glum undertones of his lyrics. It’s not the most uplifting set of music, but thankfully not in a contrived goth-y manner. Here’s hoping that affordable Asian reproduction will lead to further wider releases of Coil’s hard to find or overly expensive back catalogue. (Threshold House)