Coheed and Cambria "The Afterman" (video)

Coheed and Cambria 'The Afterman' (video)
Prog rock unit Coheed and Cambria are currently promoting The Afterman: Ascencion, the first album of a two-part series, and you can peep part of the story in a video clip for the title track.

The cinematic clip shows the Afterman's rocket exploding above an ocean and finds the traveller's wife rowing a canoe on the water as fast as she can to save him. There's a bit of boat-bound snuggling, but the pair is soon separated.

As for the band, they play the strings-assisted power ballad near the shore and thoroughly ruin a cello by submerging half of it 'neath the waves. You can check out the wood-warping performance down below.

As previously reported, the next chapter, The Afterman: Descension arrives February 5 through Everything Evil/Universal, and Coheed and Cambria will hit up Canada on their North American tour around the same time. You can check out the dates here.