Coffins Beyond the Circular Demise

Coffins Beyond the Circular Demise
Coffins have unearthed themselves once again to befoul society with more putrid cuts of death metal. Since the release of their debut album in 2005, the Japanese death dealers have amassed a formidable discography of doom-tinged death, each release toying with the framework just enough to forge their own identity.
On Beyond the Circular Demise, Coffins lean into a more old-school death metal sound, focusing on raw, bare-bones head bangers that cut right to the nitty gritty. You can really hear it in a song like "Hour of Execution," which chugs along in an Autopsy-style mid tempo barrage, and features some tasty squealing guitars in the intro. There's also some Incantation in the album, like in the eerie bridge of "Forgotten Cemetery."
There's even some discernible hardcore punk, such as on the outro to "Terminate By Own Prophecy." It complements the old school sound well, and gives some extra edge to the album.
But of course, the true allure of a Coffins album is the unfathomable heaviness the band are reputable for, and Circular Demise is built on a gnarled backbone of heavy riffage. Songs like "Impuritous Minds" and "Insane" lumber around with knuckle-dragging riffs and guttural vocals that tear your head off and bob it for you, while the sinister and spacious sounds of "The Tranquil End" and "Gateways to Dystopia" showcase the band's doomier side.
Beyond the Circular Demise is a sledgehammer to the skull. While it's briefer than other albums in their career, it's punchy and direct, with songs that offer something interesting each from Coffin's repertoire. It's sure to stand out tall in the band's history. (Relapse)