Code Pie The Most Trusted Name in Yous

When this Montreal band came out with their still-fabulous debut, This Habit, it criminally flew under everyone’s Montreal music meter but hopefully, this jam-packed, fun, fast-paced follow-up will change that. Where This Habit succeeded in mixing slow build-ups with crazy climaxes, Yous goes for broke, getting rid of the tension and relief, going for the melodic jugular with every track. Stuffing 16 tracks of frantic drums, urgent vocals and vibrant trumpet into the mix would leave anyone a little breathless, and while sometimes the tracks bleed into one another and the focus is a little blurry, the high points are very high. "Conway Killjoy” is the perfect encapsulation of the Code Pie sound, capturing their youthful energy, layered horns and cheerful optimism perfectly. "The Surface” feels like it came off of their debut (which is a good thing) and "New You” is perfect for those who want to swim in languid, easy-going melody. Indeed, Code Pie know how to revel in their party but, as "Home” showcases, they can also do subtle and beautiful. This band is busting at the musical seams, so now is a good time to take notice of their amazing bag of tricks. (Flagless)