Code of Honor Complete Studio Recordings 1982-1984

This is an extensive collection of San Francisco’s Code of Honor. This early California punk band quickly became known for their politics. They aimed to create social consciousness through their music, which was a brash assault of high powered punk rock full the exuberance the California scene has typically provided. This album contains 25 tracks of Code of Honor’s bursting, bustling sound. The liner notes also contain anecdotes and writings on the band’s creative process, as well as all the lyrics. Code of Honor’s unstoppable energy is all captured here, as each song blasts and burns in a blur as vocalist Johnithin Christ spits out each song while Michael D. Fox, Dave Chavez and Sal Paradise pound out tight, break-neck arrangements. Twenty-five songs sounds like a lot but when these guys are playing them they’re usually not longer than three minutes, with only a few exceptions. (Laurel Films)