C.O.C.O. C.O.C.O. Play Drums + Bass

Olympia-based dance pop duo C.O.C.O. prove they’re not just about the body movin’. Composed of Dub Narcotic Sound System drummer Chris Sutton and local bassist Olivia Ness, C.O.C.O. began as a contemporary answer to the Meters that no house party could do without. Splitting vocal duties, Ness and Sutton possess different sensibilities; she knows how to play the empowering soulful siren, while he’s got a knack for being the irreverent brat who doesn’t give a fuck. Together they stand on common ground, creating playful rhythms for vaguely political and outspoken songs. Replete with interesting ideas, C.O.C.O. Play Drums + Bass conjures truly odd indie dance music. Due to Ness’s arresting voice and a saucy rhythm part, "Good” recalls the Gossip, while "Your Own Secret Way/Sly” sounds like a rudimentary take on the Evens. Sutton’s "We Gotta Right” is a barebones protest song that exemplifies C.O.C.O.’s sound, which is light on the outside and heavy within. (K)