C'mon Blown Speaker 04

Fans clamouring for new C’mon songs didn’t have to wait long. Hot on the heels of Maple’s re-release of Midnight is the Answer, the band have recorded this amazing, limited edition four-song EP. "Desperate Hearts” storms out of the speakers like a cross between CCR’s "Green River” and AC/DC’s "Shoot to Thrill,” while "I Got a Fever” has the racy sway of Led Zeppelin’s "The Ocean.” "Sparx” makes like a pounding Drive Like Jehu number before evolving into an anthemic, classic rock sing-a-long. The already tight trio of Sir Ian Blurton, Katie Lynn Campbell, and Randy Curnew have gelled together incredibly since C’mon first began. As the closing instrumental "Interval” suggests, the band hit a telepathic stride together, furthering the case that C’mon may in fact be the best band Blurton’s ever fronted. For more evidence, snap up a copy of this EP at a show before they’re all gone. (Independent)