Clutchy Hopkins Meets Lord Kenjamin Music Is My Medicine

No one knows who Clutchy Hopkins is. Each new release from the multi-instrumentalist is shrouded in mystery, with an increasingly compelling back-story. A collaboration with the equally enigmatic Lord Kenjamin, Music Is My Medicine is no exception. Eschewing the Ennio Morricone-meets-Meters vibe of last year's Walking Backwards, Medicine is an excursion into dub-y jazz-funk fusion. This is funky music made for the brain, not the booty. Alternately, this is best enjoyed on your headphones with your favourite mind-altering substance. "The Old Spot" and the haunting, up-tempo "Cold and Wet" are imaginative head-bobbers with generous helpings of psychedelic ambience, while the hard skank of "Lord Kenji" has just the right amount of organ and Lee Perry-esque spaciness to make it an exemplary nocturnal listen. Who is Clutchy Hopkins really? Internet speculation implicates members of the Beastie Boys and/or MF Doom, but who cares? As long as these cryptic and hypnotic grooves continue to be churned out the puzzle is best left unsolved, and is all the more gripping and fun for it. (Ubiquity)