Clogs Lantern

With the inclusion of the National’s Bryce Dessner in the band, it might be easier to categorise this in an indie rock vein, but that would be diminishing the great inventiveness and creative spark that lies within Lantern. The major talent here is that of Padma Newsome, who was awarded, among other things, a Fulbright scholarship, and has worked with both Philip Glass and Terry Riley. Together, there is a definite commitment to sonic exploration, but decidedly within the confines of melody. But, this limit is not a liability, which is proven many times over in this accomplished album. Take the aching Eastern European accented violin of "5/4,” which battles for its voice over shuffling drums and undulating guitar. Better yet, look to the baroque guitar of the opener "Kapsburger,” indeed an interpretation of a piece by Johann Kapsburger. Evoking incredible intimacy in every recording, Clogs move beyond both post-rock and classical towards a vision that is as refreshing as it is unique. There are many genres, emotions and voices at play in Lantern, which is a very apt title, as Clogs choose to illuminate rather than take a blind swing in an attempt to look for a magic switch. (Brassland)