Clock Strikes Music Clock Strikes Music

Clock Strikes Music play reggae-infused, politically conscious music that in its punkier moments sounds like they could be member of the mid-’90s Fat stable, or a less metal-influenced Belvedere. And at it’s reggae-est, it shifts between the poppy Ill Scarlett sound and the more aggressive Less Talk-era Propagandhi reggae. This quartet are clearly a group of talented musicians and they display a knack for something many bands struggle with: knowing when to kick back and mellow out. But they also know what parts demand balls-out rocking and thus avoid the common problem plaguing other reggae-influenced punk bands — they can still kick some ass. At their best, Clock Strikes Music put their own spin on an often played-out genre, keeping it interesting. At their worst, they’re a group of guys still a little wet behind the ears, which just means they’ve got some room to grow. (Independent)