Clinic Funf

A lot of people say that Clinic’s records sound too much alike but in my opinion, those people are wrong. Admittedly, the band have never strayed too much from their formula, but it’s a good formula. Internal Wrangler might have been the band’s high-water mark but there’ve been other great releases (3 EPs, even this year’s Do It!) since. That said, Funf — a collection of B-sides and rarities — is a little redundant. The band aren’t quite big enough to sell their miscellany on name alone, and two releases in one year is overdoing it. Of course, Funf has a few good tunes ("The Majestic” and "Nicht,” for instance) but unless you’re a diehard fan, you’re better off brushing up on the band’s back catalogue. They’re a band you miss or wonder about first and then buy. Better to give listeners time to re-evaluate quality records like Winchester Cathedral than bombard them with more material from sessions they overlooked anyway. (Domino)