The Clientele / Beach House / My Dad Vs Yours Babylon Nightclub, Ottawa ON June 5

Baltimore’s Beach House and London, England’s the Clientele made their live debuts in the nation’s capital to a fervent crowd. Ottawa’s post-rock instrumental outfit, My Dad Vs Yours kept their eyes affixed to their instruments, a trend that would carry through to the next two bands. Guitarists Tom Herbert and Jose Palacios delivered an effects-laden guitar sound that conjured images of the Chameleons coupled with song structures that match those of Explosions in the Sky very closely. Organist/vocalist Victoria Legrand and guitarist Alex Scally of Beach House decided to remain seated for their moody and introspective set, which was a non-issue since the band’s live show proved to be an experience more aural than visual. The duo delivered songs from their self-titled debut with studio-like precision, highlighting the set with the soaring vocal performance of "Tokyo Witch” and the ebbing and flowing melodies of "Apple Orchard.” By the end of their performance, Beach House seemed to enchant those familiar with their work while the apathetic remained so. The Clientele opened with the beautifully dour "Since K Got Over Me” immediately showcasing vocalist/guitarist Alasdair Maclean’s penchant to captivate the audience with his intimate delivery and lullaby-like playing. Breathing and grousing through a sextet of songs, mostly from the band’s recent album, God Save the Clientele, Maclean stomped on his reverb pedal midway through "Bookshop Casanova” and ripped into a roaring guitar solo that incorporated the bridge from Television’s Marquee Moon. Although Alasdair stumbled through many of his improvised guitar parts and much of the band’s pre-2003 material was omitted, the Clientele topped off a night of refreshing and gimmick-free rock’n’roll.