Cleanse Yourself of Nickelback with "NICKELBLOCK"

Cleanse Yourself of Nickelback with 'NICKELBLOCK'
The most popular punching bags in rock'n'roll are under attack once again. Just a couple weeks since Detroit Lions fans rose up in protest at the news that Nickelback would be performing at halftime at the team's Thanksgiving Day (November 24) football game, our friends at AUX have released a plug-in called NICKELBLOCK that will ensure you never have to read about Chad Kroeger and co. on the internet ever again.

The project was inspired by Free Art and Technology Lab's Shaved Bieber plug-in, which removed mentions of Justin Bieber from your web browser. Now, the coding had been altered to eliminate Nickelback from your browsers. That's right: now you can search for music without the risk of accidentally having your fun spoiled by the band's formulaic bro-rock.

To get NICKELBLOCK for Google Chrome or Firefox, head to here for download links and more instructions. We propose that this become standard issue in public schools and libraries.

NICKELBLOCK is being released just in time for you to completely ignore the release of Nickelback's latest album, Here and Now, which comes out this week through Universal.