The Clean/Bats' Robert Scott Plots New Solo LP

The Clean/Bats' Robert Scott Plots New Solo LP
New Zealand pop expert Robert Scott already has some top-notch projects under his belt after tenure with legends like the Clean and the Bats, as well as a two-album solo career. This February, he will add a third record to that solo career with the release of Ends Run Together.

Aside from Scott, the album features fellow Clean member David Kilgour and Look Blue Go Purple's Lesley Paris, who returns to the drums after a near 20-year absence. A press release explains, "Jam-packed full of pop hooks, Ends Run Together features everything from squalling guitar rock ('On the Lake,' 'Too Early') through dreamy pastoral folk ('Days Run Together') to the driving Krautrock-ish pop of first single 'Daylight.'"

Ends Run Together will be issued on CD and digital download via Flying Nun on February 1. Samples of all 13 tracks can be heard here while the track "Too Early" can be listen to below.

Ends Run Together:

1. "On the Lake"
2. "Carmilla"
3. "Days Run Together"
4. "Too Early"
5. "Messages"
6. "The Moon Upstairs"
7. "Greenwood Tree"
8. "Born in a Tent"
9. "The Rising Tide"
10. "Some Other Time"
11. "Daylight"
12. "Tuscan Nights"
13. "Terminus"